Go Plant-Based with Confidence

I provide delicious recipes, coaching & meal prep, so you can take the confusion out of going plant-based.

The quality and service that Carmen offers with her meal prep at More Human surpasses any other company I have ever tried in the past. Her dedication to providing only the freshest and healthiest ingredients customized to meet your individual needs is like a dream come true! She truly cares and the food actually tastes amazing!

Kristie L.Plant-Based Meal Prep Customer

I spent years trying to find a “diet” that would work for my body, always feeling defeated. When I discovered More Human I realized that I didn’t need a “diet” I just simply needed to take care of my body and fuel it with the foods that would help it function at its optimum. I have never felt this heathy in my life. I lost weight, gained more energy, strength, and my mind is more clear. I also fit the first time in my life am a morning person I wake up early and go all day long without coffee! Also the food tastes amazing, so much care goes into each bite!

Sarah V.Plant-Based Meal Prep Customer

I began embracing Carmen's food programs about 8 weeks ago. I was somewhat skeptical at 1st as I've always been comfortable feeling I managed a balanced, "clean" diet. What I learned traveling through Carmen's journey of culinary discovery is that I had no idea what "clean eating" really meant. The differences I am now enjoying through Carmen's plant based meal plans are incredible. Weight loss, clearer skin, unending vitality, I'll never go back to my old ways of eating!

Calvin W.Plant-Based Meal Prep Customer

Carmen’s people-centered approach, enthusiasm, and passion for her work comes out in the amazing food she makes, the dedicated way she works with you to accomplish fitness and nutritional goals, and her constant coaching and encouragement. Since starting a plant-based diet tailored to my nutritional needs and working with Carmen in the gym too, I’ve not only built muscle and lost weight, but have double the energy. Between vegan fettuccini Alfredo, chipotle tacos and so much more, I frequently forget I’m eating so healthy!

Amy C.Plant-Based Meal Prep Customer

How I can help you go plant-based with confidence.

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I’ll help you transition to a plant-based diet, so you can go plant based with confidence. We will cover your relationship with food, your nutritional needs, kitchen must-haves & food essentials.

Meal Prep

I create a personalized meal plan that fits your needs. Then I prepare your meals, allowing you to go plant-based with zero hassle.

Helping Charlotte, NC Eat Plant-Based with Confidence

“Eating balanced, nutritious, and intentionally designed meals from more human helps me to feel my best. The variety of foods and flavors keep me licking the plate clean and excited to see what will be dropped off next week. An easy way to set your eating habits up for success, more human has supported my wellness vision.”

Sarah WellsMeal Prep Client

Plant-based shouldn't be hard.

After years of trying every diet. I gave plant-based diet a try & watched my energy levels increase & the inflammation from being an avid runner go down. I watched it change my family’s life as well & that’s when things got serious & I decided to become a holistic nutritionist. I eventually started meal prepping for clients & since then I have helped people overcome obesity, autoimmune disease, anorexia & depression by helping them embrace the plant-based diet.

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